early in July reported this Nike Air Pegasus 83/30 hyper Crimson/White-Obsidian color shoes, as the 30th anniversary of the Pegasus Qing memorial for, on the basis of classic shoes, and will come into the new technologies, such as Hyperfuse technology uppers. The bright color of some irresistible, now can be purchased in Extra Butter. number: 599482-800price: $100source: sneakernewsAdidas Originals recently announced 2016 new spring and summer series and a new color of the illustrious NMD in the head, this Primeknit knitted shoe body made of gray and pink interwoven camouflage patterns, while the bottom is equipped with sig Cheap air jordans for sale n Boost cushioning technology, while the iconic bradyseism color from white decoration. adidas-nmd-white-red-orange-camo.jpg (78.39 KB, download number: 13) download adidas NMD Red Camo 2016-3-9 09:40 upload adidas-nmd-white-red-orange-camo-1.jpg (40.26 KB, download number: 8) download adidas NMD Red Camo 2016-3-9 09:40 upload adidas-nmd-white-red-orange-camo-2.jpg (38.67 KB, download number: 7) download adidas NMD Red Camo 2016-3-9 09:40 upload adidas-nmd-white-red-orange-camo-3.jpg (57.05 KB, download number: 10) download adidas NMD Red Camo 2016-3-9 09:40 upload adidas-nmd-white-red-orange-camo-4.jpg cheap foamposites (34.17 KB, download number: 13) download adidas NMD Red Camo 2016-3-9 09:40 upload Adidas, the new spring and summer 00Vans's extension Vans day before Syndicate once again teamed up to legendary skaters Eric Dressen, to create a series of cooperation new shoes. The series includes Israeli green rendered Old S and Skool Pro Sk8-Hi Pro S black, two pairs of shoes are used waterproof fabric shoes, also equipped with white and vulcanized outsole. The new Eric Dressen x Vans Syndicate joint series will begin in the specified Vans shop on sale in August 9th. vans-syndicate-eric-dressen-pack-1.jpg (86.77 KB, download number: cheap jordans for sale mens 0) download Eric Dressen x Vans Syndicate 2014 new joint 2014-8-8 09:55 Eric Dressen Vans Syndicate upload, 002007 from August 29th to September 1st, has been held for 5 sessions of Jiangxi Taiwan economic and trade cooperation seminar held as scheduled, more than 1000 Taiwan from Jiangxi from all sides have to go to capture the business opportunities, pile distribution, capital increase, not by the sea in Jiangxi, what is the advantage in the eyes of Taiwan? in recent years, Jiangxi has quietly become a new gathering place for overseas and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao businessmen. Since 1992, the first Taiwan f Retro jordans for sale unded enterprises to enter Jiangxi, as of the first half of 2007, Jiangxi new introduction of Taiwan funded contract projects 78, the contract investment amounted to 830 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 116%. TECO, Ya Dong cement, Taifeng tires, footwear, such as a large number of Baocheng unified food Taiwan enterprises have capital expansion. with Gao Yusheng (Baocheng International Group), Jiangxi Dachuan (yong'en group), located in Ganzhou, Suichuan Huajian Haifeng and a number of large-scale footwear enterprises, but also to attract to south, Xin Cheng, Wang Kai, plus some of the large shoe enterprises to invest a cheap jordans online nd build factories in Jiangxi Ganzhou, Anyuan, Xinfeng, Lichuan so, Jiangxi is moving in the "world factory" target stride, Taiwan has become the second largest in Jiangxi province the introduction of foreign capital. Taiwan mainstream enterprises came along, the emergence of a cluster of industries...... industry agglomeration effect highlights, the gradual formation of the industrial chain in recent years, with the westward movement of the East shoe to speed up, the current investment in Jiangxi, Nankang, Xingguo, Longnan factory footwear, electronic hardware, plastic toys products, home appliances, light indus cheap jordan shoes for men try and other industrial application technology has achieved initial success, some new projects signed merchants are busy to open factories, new investment customers are a new standard workshop...... Attracted the "Pearl River Delta merchants" investment tide". has introduced 30 enterprises in Jiangxi, Xiajiang, Yongfeng, Taihe, Suichuan and other county industrial parks. The furniture industry more than 700 enterprises, 90% distribution in Nankang City, while the majority of footwear, garment enterprises gathered in Longnan, Nankang, Xingguo, Lichuan area, high. Initially formed a new type of building materials, shoes, ha Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ndbags, electronics, pharmaceuticals and other 5 industrial groups of common development pattern. Among them, the Pearl River Delta accounted for 71%, the Yangtze River Delta accounted for 16%, and the southern Fujian delta accounted for 13%. some large and medium-sized enterprises have come to Jiangxi, because Jiangxi's industrial parks not only have good ability to undertake, but also provide policy support and security services are quite in place. Industrial Park is the effective carrier of investment, it not only have good infrastructure supporting ability, can undertake the required investment in production, and provi Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping de convenient services for enterprise production and sales, to solve problems in the operation of enterprises, so as to make the industrial park construction has become a real investment at home and abroad the depression. )Light and breathable shoes in summer is the theme of the design, if the design is novel, fresh color, easy to wear off is an excellent choice. The day before Nike's Air Current Slip-On occupied the streets and lanes launched two new color, new were presented in lemon and olive two summerheat colors, lightweight breathable shoes with laces to become free design summer travel choice. nike-current-slip-o cheap jordans for sale n-br-lemon-chiffon-903895-700-1.jpg (156.93 KB, download number: 8) download Nike Air Current Slip-On new color 2017-5-4 09:08 upload nike-current-slip-on-br-lemon-chiffon-903895-700-3.jpg (138.87 KB, download number: 7) download Nike Air Current Slip-On new color 2017-5-4 09:08 upload nike-current-slip-on-br-lemon-chiffon-lemon-chiffon-903895-700-0.jpg (139.43 KB, download number: 8) download Nike Air Current Slip-On new color 2017-5-4 09:08 upload nike-current-slip-on-br-lemon-chiffon-903895-700.jpg (187.62 KB, download number: 6) download Nike Air Current Slip-On new color 2017-5-4 09:08 upload nike-cu Retro jordans for sale rrent-slip-on-br-trooper-green-903895-200-1.jpg (194.24 KB, download number: 6) download Nike Air Current Slip-On new color 2017-5-4 09:08 upload nike-current-slip-on-0- your current version - tool over the wall? 1. Kan ye again began to spray people, this time the object is? instagram: tdoteljay? Mr. Kanye West topic not long break, in the recent Saint Pablo Tour concert in Edmonton Canada station, once again spray people. The reason for the announcement was that some people copied his music and stage design. Although there is no name, but most people guess the object was alluding to use similar stage lighting effect of the Drake in Summer Sixteen Tour, is not agreed with the album? What's the difference between "tearing" and "ripping"? 2. Vetements's Instapump Fury, and one of those little secrets? instagram: misjxxx? Vetements today opened in the Seoul suburb of "Offcial Fake" Pop-Up shop, although the sale is another pair of new shoe, but the pair was covered with white color in Mark's Instapump Fury has once again appeared in front of us. In addition, this time we found a small secret. As shown above, at the bottom of the right foot, there is a pattern similar to the "anti war" logo, and its lack of "one throw" design is the same as Quan Zhilong's personal brand, PEACEMINUSONE's Logo! I wonder if it was intended by both sides, or was it just a "beautiful coincidence"? 3. to look at "PPAP" brainwashed Divine Comedy version of Supreme instagram: pala_macau? from Japan "PPAP" brainwashed Divine Comedy with magic MV and catchy lyrics, let many people trapped in inextricably bogged down in. And all sorts of 〉Cortez is the first sneaker officially launched by NIKE, designed by Bowerman, co-founder of NIKE. After decades of evolving Cortez, its creative soles are still a benchmark in the industry and a source of inspiration for NIKE. Especially in the boost of film culture, Cortez is more popular in the world, the legendary. In China, Cortez is also popular for its light, comfortable and nostalgic retro styling. Classic Cortez Leather QS "Nai Ke" with soft leather uppers, heels and laces headdress Chinese characters "Nike", and retained two tongue insoles NIKE retro logo. In 80s to China sports the most dazzling star tribute, vamp before world high jump record holder in the color red and blue uniforms for inspiration, lateral Swoosh with red, inside is blue, movement and culture connected Cortez full of new vitality.