A few days ago we first exposed this as we run by Chinese designer Zhou Daoyi and his partner Maxwell Osborne Public School Jordan Brand invited the men's brand to launch a new Public School X by the Air Jordan 1, and today the official release of the whole picture for you to appreciate many shoes. This section uses Air Jordan 1 as the design blueprint, selects the black to be the shoes body main color, matches with the crystal outsole. The first release of the relatives and friends define non commercial version made only 50 pairs, followed by the word PSNY imprint; then there will be a supplementary words 23NY commercially available version of the la Retro jordans for sale unch, the rumors will be exclusively available at the New York Jordan Brand Flight 23 shop. air-jordan-1-public-school-4.jpg (337.36 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Public, School, x, Air, Jordan, 1Upload 09:06 2014-7-24 air-jordan-1-public-school.jpg (310.33 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Public, School, x, Air, Jordan, 1Upload 09:09 2014-7-24 air-jordan-1-public-school-7.jpg (107.53 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Public, School, x, Air, Jordan, 1Upload 09:01 2014-7-24 air-jordan-1-public-school-3.jpg (279.16 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Public, School, x, Air, Jordan, 1Upload 09: cheap jordan shoes for men 06 2014-7-24 air-jordan-1-public-school-7.jpg (152.37 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Public, School, x, Air, Jordan, 1〉138448074612454.jpg (41.2 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2013-11-15 upload at 10:03 Jordan CP3.VII 138448074690646.jpg (36.11 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2013-11-15 upload at 10:03 138448074699289.jpg (53.3 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2013-11-15 upload at 10:03 138448074627038.jpg (38.64 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2013-11-15 upload Jordan 00 at 10:03 very modern design of the Adidas EQT Support ADV deconstruction has won more and mor Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping e fans of all ages, the brand has brought a new Monochrome series models. This series contains two new models, respectively YISHION black and pure white, the body of the shoe by senior knitting materials crafted, supplemented by TPU fit and support, and the details are suede embellishment make this clear, finally with a comfortable EVA in the bottom end. adidas-eqt-support-adv-monochrome-pack.jpg (257.47 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas EQT Support ADV Monochrome series Upload 08:35 2017-7-19 adidas-eqt-support-adv-monochrome-pack-2.jpg (261.9 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adid〉adidas-stan-smith-adicolor-s Retro jordans for sale unglow-refelctive-02.jpg (152.33 KB, download number: 6) download adidas Originals Stan Smith Sunglow Reflective 2016-3-19 12:27 upload with the further mature market, this concept is often mentioned in the industry segments. As one of the dominant industries in Quanzhou shoes, in strong shoes, sports, outdoor and other segments, recently, some companies targeting the aging population to develop business opportunities, ready to enter the "old shoe" market. "silver" potential with the population aging trend, in recent years, the difficult problem of the elderly to buy shoes, attracted more and more attention, over 60 years, Ms. Hua cheap jordans for sale mens ng told reporters, "in the past, the relatively poor living conditions, the shoes do not pay attention to the general community, or the streets are designed to do the elderly or specialty shoes, ugly does not matter, but now we dance together singing, it is easy to compare, we all care about it." at present, most of the city did not old shoe store, old shoes sold in general stores in the mixed. Filial Lee often upset, for their parents to buy a pair of shoes as a birthday gift, I had to go to the grocery market Taohuo, "my parents are older, inside shopping malls are selling middle-aged shoes, not suitable for them." innovative Footwea cheap jordans online r Company Limited Sales Department Director Zhang Jie group said that most of the elderly is frugal, not willing to spend money, basically can not afford a higher price of shoes, in fact, this is a traditional misunderstanding. "A large part of the elderly have a strong desire for consumption psychological compensation, compensation before did not achieve the consumption demand and the desire, they began to pay attention to dress, love fitness, sports, fashion and even love too." it is understood that the company of old market chapter Jie group developed fashion shoes in order to be secondary, regardless of the use of materials in products, fu cheap jordans for sale nctional design and fashion style, are full of hard work, "the old fashion shoes has always been a not fully developed the market, the" silver market "worth us to dig." this is not another to Weakness lends wings to rumours., cotton as the main product of Jinjiang Huayi brand Jiabao roots also in the old market, general manager Zhuang Xiaofeng has his own knack for "silver market", "because of the particularity of elderly people's physique, make us more functional pursuit of product, to the elderly the shoes, must have the characteristics of thick, warm and healthy." channel problem "at present in the market is difficult to buy cheap foamposites me satisfied shoes, wear either too hard or very tight, let a person specially customized, shoes are not beautiful. )So for many years, lightweight, low resistance has been a development in the history of basketball shoes, the two most important points, to ensure vigorous exercise can make athletes play the strongest performance of the state, in fact, is more than basketball, skateboarding this others limit strenuous exercise required is exactly the same reason. In addition to the Classic series, skateboarding ancestor vans in fact been launched function shoes action. Just this month, VANS upcoming adoption of the latest technology to create a named Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping function LXVI shoes series. LXVI is the meaning of the Roman numeral 66, is also a metaphor for the birth of 66 years VANS, with stylish modern lines, technology made LXVI series, VANS history of the most lightweight, flexible features the highest style, adding a powerful newly developed slow Lightweight EVA insole shock, powered through revamped waffle sole, and the concept of seamless integration, reducing drag and thus improve the flexibility of the shoe, expand Graph together, Secant two shoes, later coming around VANS shop Login shelves for sale, is absolutely essential for you skaters highly functional equipment. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Cheap air jordans for sale & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; saying that people rely on clothes, Ma on the saddle, a nice ride service will give the team a lot of extra points, of course, also can get more fans love. Recently, foreign media made a poll, please readers from 18 teams in the top team jersey elected in his mind the most handsome a. results, Canon Dell team vibrant bright green uniforms get readers the most votes 11977 votes, is everyone in the eyes of the best looking uniforms. The sky Team Jersey low-key and not the temperament of blue, white and black color has also been people of all ages, in the second, Katusha's bold attire but also a lot of audience, came in third place. everyone in the eyes of "the ugly" to the number of the Holland lottery team yellow, white and black color of the shirt, with 1343 votes in the bottom. The Astana motorcade dazzling bright blue uniforms and Rambo - Merida blue team purple red beautiful shirt seems to not too hop all taste respectively. The bottom two, three. The majority of the United States and the United States cycling fans, we come to look at the following. (from top to bottom, according to the number of votes in the high and low) Canon - Dell team: dazzling green fruit is game on a beautiful scenery line, also let the players look full of combat. Team Sky: low-key luxury connotation of a true portrayal, the field they make vague feel a threat,'team: warm red body, as Russia's enthusiastic singing cheerful dance fast team: what clothes to wear on the body of Kittel has a different kind of charm, black and blue with a more profound IAM team TREK team: black and white red classic color combined with a simple and generous design gives a mature steady, big brother feeling. Of course to make riding clothes out of class, have a good body is also very important. tinkov team: green fluorescence is the two years popular color Dakota team: the biggest highlight is perhaps: there is a coat behind palm pattern BMC team: black is classical collocation, can be found in the choice of color or classic color more secure Giant - Apeixin team: the body riding clothes if in the country selection, not into the top three to FDJ team: think of playing cards of the plum blossom J: maybe the red team Belgium lottery was not bold, so was also red katiushas overwhelmed the team a green bladed team: on the shallow depth of color to wear this shirt won Macao stage winner Euan domineering exposed loop and not lose the steady,mobile star team: dark suit and chief