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Chinese leather shoes are not optimistic about the way to europe. Although the EU anti-dumping measures against Chinese leather shoes will expire next October, most companies worry that 16.5% of the anti-dumping duties will not be fully cancelled at that time. recently said that the EU enterprises, next year may no longer be levied on China shoes anti-dumping duties, but also some enterprises revealed that the EU is the recent thorough investigation by Macao "illegal transit" Chinese shoes, and this will affect or anti-dumping tax adjustment. EU thorough investigation of Macao re exported shoes in October 4, 2006, the EU ended the months long dispute over the decision to begin 16.5% anti-dumping duties on Chinese leather shoes in October 6th, but the time limit was shortened from 5 years earlier to two years. The 15 month long anti-dumping investigation involved up to $700 million. However, after October, whether the EU will adjust the anti-dumping duty can make nothing of it also did not last year, the final agreement. China WTO Research Association Zhou Shijian said that the EU under the internal pressure, the restrictions imposed by the law during the period of 5 years to two years, so two years later still will be based on the law review is not clear. China Light Crafts Import and Expor air jordan 11 space jam for sale t Chamber of Commerce shoes branch secretary Wang Ying said yesterday that the chamber of Commerce temporarily did not further informed news, is not clear after October next year, whether the EU will make adjustments to the anti-dumping duty. Liu Kun, general manager of the footwear industry yesterday expressed its pessimism about exports next year. He said that at present, the European Union is investigating the Chinese leather shoes that have been re exported through Macao. If the investigation result is bad, the leather shoes losing to Europe at the end of next year may face anti-dumping duties. in the past year, Macao leather shoes to Europe began to increase substantially, the European Union doubts that Macao can increase capacity in a short period of time. The EU believes that, in China leather shoes exports to the EU blocked the road, trying to bribe the Macao authorities of some enterprises, "Chinese manufacturing" this attribute changes "made in Macao" to avoid 16.5% anti-dumping duties. 70% order transfer in fact, this anti-dumping case has seriously affected the export of Chinese leather shoes to europe. Wu Zhenchangshuo, chairman of the footwear industry, said orders from Chinese manufacturers had been greatly shifted, and more than 70% of orders had been moved to Southeast asia. s jordan 3 katrina 2018 hoe fair prices also reflect on the EU's shoe orders than before tax decreased by about 20%, anti-dumping tax China leather shoes also increased by at least 10% in the EU price. memorabilia ? on July 7, 2005, the European Commission announced an anti-dumping investigation on leather shoes made in China and vietnam. ? on March 23, 2006, the European Commission announced the imposition of a six-month anti-dumping duty on leather shoes made in China and Vietnam since April 7th. by 2006Veteran sports manufacturer in Italy since the end of last year, Diadora launched N.9000 engraved a get out of hand to launch a new Poseidon, the color and the born in the 80s classic shoes. The new material is made of nylon and suede shoes which, with blue toe stitching wine red shoes, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. diadora-n-9000-poseidon-1.jpg (47.09 KB, download number: 0) download Diadora N.9000 Poseidon 2015-9-14 17:20 upload IMG_3844.jpg (60.99 KB, download number: 0) download Diadora N.9000 Poseidon 2015-9-14 17:20 upload IMG_3845.jpg (50.41 KB, download number: 7) download Diadora N.9000 Poseidon 2015-9-14 17:20 upload nylon, shoes, Italy, friends, shop 00NikeLab recently for its retro running shoes Air Max 1 launch playful Patch series, while receiving multiple shoes fan jordans on sale online s praise at the same time, Air Max 95 also came to help out. Adhering to the design before the hair to show, tongue, and the heel shoes side with Velcro patches in a way to make this to find everything fresh and new feeling. item: 747137-170 Nike-Air-MAx-95-OG-Neon-Patch4-930x620.jpg (105.73 KB, download number: 0) download NikeLab Air Max 95 Neon OG Patch V SP 2015-3-24 09:15 upload Nike-Air-MAx-95-OG-Neon-Patch2-930x620.jpg (144.77 KB, download number: 0) download NikeLab Air Max 95 Neon OG Patch V SP 2015-3-24 09:15 upload Nike-Air-MAx-95-OG-Neon-Patch-930x620.jpg (78.75 KB, download number: 0) download NikeLab Air Max 95 Neon OG Patch V SP 2015-3-24 09:15 upload Nike-Air-MAx-95-OG-Neon-Patch--930x620.jpg (149.92 KB, download number: 0) download NikeLab Air Max 95 Neon OG Patch V SP 2015-3-24 09:15 upload Nike-Air-MAx-95-OG-Neon-Patch3-930x620.jpg (119.5 KB, download number: 0) download NikeLab Air Max 95 Neon OG Patch V SP 2015-3-24 09:15 upload Ni0BMX Nigel Sylvester offers professional riders Nike cooperation will be very street van son SB Dunk the new building, the launch of the new SB Dunk High S.O.M.P. shoe. Shoes classic, natural need no introduction, comfortable sole is to let you cross the streets smoothly, coupled with the steady and all-match color and quite eye- cheap foamposites catching Swoosh logo, is to enter a pair of recent SB Dunk. It is reported that the shoes will be officially put on sale in March 8th, love friends may wish to look at. 1393620014_nigeldunksbsomp5.jpg (67.4 KB, download number: 7) download 2014-3-4 22:21 upload nigeldunksbsomp1.jpg (43.24 KB, download number: 7) download 2014-3-4 22:21 upload 1393619998_nigeldunksbsomp4.jpg (50.44 KB, download number: 7) download 2014-3-4 22:21 upload 1393619981_nigeldunksbsomp3.jpg (67.43 KB, download number: 7) download 2014-3-4 upload 22:21 1393619965_nigeldunksbsomp2.jpg (55.06 KB, download number: 7) download 2014-3-4 22:21 upload2012 in the NBA draft, Ross in the first round of the eighth overall by the Toronto Raptors selected, by virtue of superior physical fitness and amazing spring, in 2013 Houston all star weekend dunk contest won the championship! And recently Li Ning's number one spokesman Dwayne. Wade this morning via instagram released the latest information, he announced the Raptors guard Terrence. Ross joined the teamwade ", and said the welcome! source: DwyaneWade& nbsp; When Adidas and Li Ning are still reluctant to leave to start all-round marketing campaign in the high altitude and the ground, the Nike brand communications base quietly shifted to the underground - metro. It cheap air jordans should be said, the MTR as a new media is not very popular in the country until November 2005, the country opened metro cities only Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing and other five cities. In a certain sense, in the subway is still a pioneering brand communication stage, that is, can really learn from the color or sensation not many cases. If there is no innovation in the subway advertising, which is equivalent to put up billboards on the ground into the subway, like the old medicine bottles renewal. Although there is not much the city subway opened, but these cities are China's most economically developed cities, the consumer the strongest, with Nike and other famous sports brand coincides with the target population. This is why it is so popular reason Nike subway advertising. The most fundamental reason is that the Nike brand continuous innovation and business acumen. It is reported that by 2010, the country will have 15 underground urban construction and opening of rail transit, now Tianjin, Dalian, Shenyang, Hangzhou and other cities are sparing no effort to increase the intensity of subway construction. You can guess, Nike high debug the water current subway advertising may be open for the future in major cities subway build a successful brand communications samples. Focus Guan Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale gzhou Nike tunnel warfare From Guangzhou subway ads appear on, Nike special attention to advertising on the subway, try to do all kinds of combinations of running programs. In 2005, Nike's subway advertising strategies to reach the superb state, its brand image gave people a fresh sense of Shenyi, strength to touch every nerve of the target population, so missed opportunities rivals Adidas "brand dissemination of tunnel warfare "in the eclipsed. In Guangzhou Metro, for example, worthy of note is the current subway forms of media are divided into two categories: The first category is the traditional media. including train advertising, 12 large light box, 4 small boxes, special-type light box (among the subway elevators Office), wall paintings, ladder license, licensing legislation, escalators paste, glass paste, gates paste. The second category is the new media. includes 12 large light box + wall stickers combination, large light box + wall stickers combination ladder combination card + wall stickers, large light box window, special type of licensing, special type ladder brand, affixed, vending machines stickers, physical model, display cabinets, gantry sets, column sets, theme stickers, as well as scientific and technological content of the highest tunnel film advertising. Not only rich an jordans on sale mens d varied forms, and a combination of flexible, comprehensive manner to stimulate the consumer's vision, a great all-pervasive momentum. Although the form of flexible metro media, due to its launch price is quite expensive, so we must pay attention to put a combination of media and creative to get the big effect of small investment purposes. Sports Center subway station is the core of the Nike brand communication base, the station belongs to the AA level the lot, put a large light box 12 would cost 24,000 yuan per month. Just put the cost so expensive sports center subway station, Nike launched its wave after wave of 2005, the brand from the ground offensive. select Nike Sports Center Subway Station Location Analysis: 1, which is located in the Tianhe Sports Center subway station east of Guangzhou, a large number of peripheral concentrated such as CITIC Plaza, Mayor of Tower, Fortune Plaza, Guangzhou International Trade Building, Goldlion Grade A office buildings and so on, is the CBD business district in Guangzhou . 2, adjacent to the distribution center in South China's largest computer market, a large number of computer enthusiasts hang around here, and buy computers mostly pupils and students, consistent with its target population. 3, the largest SUPER-MALL Guangzhou Grandview Mall just acro buy cheap jordans online ss the street. 4, most notably Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center itself is a number of major sports events and music and art events are held. In case of large-scale events and concerts, fans will go hand in hand screen name from the Pearl River Delta cities. The first wave: Using combination, look Prior to Nike, a lot of brand advertising in the subway or choose twelve prominent position large boxes, or run into the rich and powerful clients breath to ten pieces separate large light box advertising buy them altogether. Nike has wisely chosen a large light box + wall stickers combination, not only to save almost half of the running costs, but also in the subway hall formed a continuous 60 m long with a spectacular and advertising, so that all people can not be avoided by Metro . It is worth punctuate that Nike is not the content with a screen on top, but the ingenuity to create a dynamic screen ??? as a combination of different content (images in the size of Ronaldo), walking with the crowd, feel the screen is also movement. As the Nike slogan spread just do it! The second wave: creative first, endless aftertaste accustomed to the big action Nike also chose 60 meters grew lightbox + wall stickers combination, but this time Nike unexpected uses a bold idea. Initially you only see the shadow of a jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black pair of shoes very sense of speed, go forward 30 meters, screen or repeated shadow shoes, the picture is very light and there is no brand information. 60 meters until you come to a place you just found out that a pair of Nike shoes rapidly across the traces. so bold approach, perhaps only dare to international brands such as Nike, have this courage. Obviously, this ad or not to be seen, after seeing and will certainly long remember. Third Wave: the ground, barefoot newborn When Nike strong launch of a new product, resorted to the concept of "barefoot new". On the one hand is the pretext of pupils and students enrolled in September time to play the "new" edge ball; the other is the mind, because light, because your feet seamless, so just like a barefoot-like feel, so a new life . For the interpretation of the concept to the peak of Nike passage in the subway actually laying a long carpet of advertising, there is one step above, with "barefoot new" simply a perfect match. This immersive feeling, people once again impressed by the spirit of the Nike brand. The fourth wave: more than implicitly, to retreat After three waves of heat, Nike and more to seek new breakthroughs. On November Sports Center Sports Center subway station east gate leading to the exit of stone steps, the ladder at each leve Retro jordans for sale l the gap is covered by the Nike poster. Although Nike does not advertise in the ladder between the first, but it will draw a whole posted ladder between two dozen class still few in number. Fascinating is that you have a little distance in order to see the contents of the entire screen advertising, so many young people are curious to stop watching, along ladder going up, almost out of the subway, you made find Nike LOGO. Quite beyond the pale in hunting, must come to no effort feeling suddenly see the light. exaggerated suspense-style graphics and lead rope for the Nike brand continuously inject fresh vitality! Nike is Nike, JUST DO IT!KITH x adidas Tubular Doom 2016-01-18 10:47:20 will be on sale Adidas Tubular Doom in order to make the joint first hit the brand, specially invited to Ronnie Fieg in charge of the KITH expansion joint planning. The shoes are made of gray Primeknit, with black details, so that they keep consistent and low-key. Finally, with a landmark ending, showing a hint of wild breath. The "Just Us" and "RJ" in the shoe collar and heel, highlight the joint theme. It is reported that the shoes will be fully sold in recent days, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it. Japanese tannin expert FDMTL and luggage brand master-piece bring a joint series. FDMTL good tannins collage style applied to the top of classic style master-piece signboard backpack, handbags and purses, combined with wearable Cordura ballistic nylon and PVC waterproof material production, and the color of leather decorative details in which the texture to a layer. at present, the series has been available through the official website of master-piece purchase pricing, ranging from 11000 to 22000 yen. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! Vans Vault was originally launched even in order to capture the "fashion" and "fashion" increasingly blurred boundaries, Taka Hayashi Vans was recruited, this is one of the founders of the Taka Hayashi branch, also maintained almost every season to Vans and Vault to launch a joint convention. This season introduced as "Nomad" as the theme, before we have repeatedly brought detailed view, today another set of different styles are laid pictures come again. This is a mix of Taka Hayashi good folk style, high-grade leather texture, and cater to the seasonal breathable shoes series of hollow display most incisive. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (65) share to micro-blogAir Jordan 2010 with the formal exposure, before we introduce the team color Air Jordan 2010 release, this is the introduction of a bull color standard Air Jordan 2010, the number is: 387358-061, I believe there will be more color later have been released, we will wait and see. Let's enjoy the map together!! download (91.17 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:38 download (92.55 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:38 download (100.58 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:38 download (98.01 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:38 download (86.5 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:38 download (84.25 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:39 download (74.12 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:39 download (97.49 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:39 download (96.35 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:39 download (138.49 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:39 download (155.49 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:39 download (122.76 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:39 download (118.43 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:39 download (68.86 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:39 download (146.8 KB)〈br 2009-11-30="" 10:39 download (138.15 KB) P& Y6 K8; I5: K blue shoes orange orange / white collocation details and ink details, showing interesting rough texture of Maryland blue crab crab, this double to KD's favorite delicacy of "blue crab" inspired by the Nike KD VI will be officially on sale in November 29th.As part of the event, city players with interest in the visit of Manchester City theme of the exhibition, there are precious historical city Jersey also includes every kind of Manchester souvenirs, sponsored by UMBRO Chinese Manchester jerseys solicitation in the winning collection has become a part of the exhibition. "China fans of really great, some ancient records of the club Jersey City and great glory, and often wear the shirt of Manchester City also let us feel proud and excited," Adam - Johnson said, "think there are so many fans to Manchester City in Chinese, this is encouraging and inspiring a great for us".Gray control favorite Nike Air Force 1 High deep gray 2013-12-08 22:41:26 this year is the birth of Air Force 30th anniversary, 1, in addition to a variety of 30th Anniversary Limited Version, Nike Sportswear will also introduce a lot of ordinary version of Air Force 1. This new color matching Nike Air Force 1 High although there is no heavy joint cooperation object, but because of the two years, the popularity of gray shoes has been very high, so it should also get a lot of support. It is reported that the Nike Air Force 1 High color is dark gray shelves in major stores, grey control who can look at.